BMB Banner Carriers

Where are they now?

Dr. Evan Merkhofer (BMB ’02) 

Photo of Evan Merkofer 2002 BMB Banner Carrier eith Professor Hiraizumi
Evan Merkofer was our 2002 Class of Banner Carrier for BMB.

Evan Merkhofer was our 2002 Banner Carrier, and went on the earn his Ph.D in Genetics and Molecular Biology at UNC Chapel Hill and then did postdoctoral research at UC San Diego joining the Biology Program at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY where he recently became chair of the Natural Sciences Division.

In the next five years Dr. Merkofer will be working on updating the curriculum at MSMC (including a concentration in BMB), and continuing his work in the ScienceEducation Alliance – Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Sciences (SEA-PHAGES) program, and continuing his lab’s research on pre-mRNA splicing. When Evan looks back on his time at Gettysburg, he most fondly remembers his time doing research in the Hiraizumi lab, his time in Mol. Gen. with Prof. James, and all the people he built relationships with at Gettysburg, particularly the track and cross country team.  

Dr. Karlina Kauffman (BMB ’12) 

Photo of Karlina Kauffman, Class of  2012 and Nicole Meredyth, Class of 2011
BMb majors, Karlina Kauffman (l) and Nicole Meredyth (r) at a Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore.

Karlina Kauffman was the 2012 Banner Carrier and went on to Yale to earn her Ph.D. in Cell Biology, studying the factors that impact protease function. While she was there, she realized that her favorite parts of science were in putting together the stories that her data told, and joined the Envision Pharma Group as a medical writer.

There, she works with clients to write their publications, like peer-reviewed papers, conference abstracts, and publications for congress, which lets continue to do her favorite parts of science. Karlina’s favorite memory at Gettysburg is her time doing summer research in the chemistry department, she says “It was always so much fun to hang out with others between time points, having barbecues, and of course the science too!”

Katie Watson (BMB ’20) 

Katie Watson was the 2020 Banner Carrier, and graduated in the whirlwind beginning of COVID. In the year following graduation, Katie earned her Master of Medical Science from the University of Vermont and is currently in the process of applying to medical school. She is currently thinking she will specialize in pediatrics, but is open to finding her place in another field. She said her favorite memory from Gettysburg is snack time during Molecular Genetics lab and the potluck that they had at the end of the semester.

Photo of Katie Watson, Class of 2020 Banner Carrier
Katie Watson, Class of 2022 Banner Carrier for BMB.
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