Visiting Speakers

Since 2019, we hosted a wide variety of seminars, some in-person and others remote


The Fall of 2019 led off with a seminar from Justin Hines at Lafayette College who told us about his research on mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. In the Spring of 2020 we got two seminars in before everything shut down, Dan Kim (Chem ’12) who spoke about his postdoctoral work before he became a faculty member in the Chemistry Department at Temple University, and Jean Gaffney from Baruch College who studies fluorescence in marine organisms. Our seminar series was cut short by the COVID shut down, but we were able to pick things up again remotely in the Fall of 2020.


Our first BMB speaker of the year was Prof. Rachel Martin from the University of California, Irvine, who presented her work on using NMR spectroscopy to investigate biological molecules. Our speakers also included Prof. Krystle McLaughlin from Vassar College, and Prof. Derek Applewhite from Reed College.


Seminars were back on campus during the 2021-2022 academic year! Our BMB speakers were Prof. Rebecca Switzer from Bucknell University (disease-related implications of mutated DNA methyltransferases), Prof. Jebrell Glover from Lehigh University (study of caveolin-1/membrane interactions), Prof. Lisa Jones from the University of Maryland (development of mass spectrometry-based methods to study protein-protein interactions), and two Gettysburg College professors: Prof. Jennifer Powell from Biology and Prof. Caitlin Hult from Mathematics.

Photo of Professor Lisa Jones, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Dr. Lisa Jones, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy,

Chemistry Department
See the 2022 Chemistry Department Alumni Newsletter for information on speakers hosted by the Chemistry Department.